Become an Online Personal Trainer using these 3 Proven Steps

Become an Online Personal Trainer using these 3 Proven Steps

Want to become an online personal trainer? Follow these 3 proven steps on how to start an online personal training business.

Thousands of trainers have told us that they want to boost their income and take more time off, but since personal training is a cash for time model, it's really hard to do. It's difficult to keep adding income when your time gets capped. So what can you do about it?

It's simple - you become an online personal trainer. 

It is simply the quickest way to add an extra monthly income, even if you're already super busy and short on time.

When planned and executed correctly, it’s one of my favourite ways to:

  • Take more time off and work to your own schedule
  • Help more people and inspire others with your passion
  • Increase your income and do the things you want to do

But you have to set it up the right way and you need to really focus only on the stuff that truly matters. And there is a hell of a lot of stuff that you could get overwhelmed by that just doesn't matter and won't move the needle for you.

So in today’s article I’ll share with you proven strategies to easily and profitably add online personal training to your existing coaching services. If you’ve ever considered becoming an online personal trainer, even just with a few clients, read on.

Online coaching changes everything

If you're like most of our readers, you're an ambitious fitness coach who is following your passion for health and fitness. Am I right?

You are therefore striving to improve and grow - you want to reach your full potential.

You want to help as many people as possible, to change their lives but also to have a really rewarding career.

You therefore likely already know that an online coaching business can help you achieve all of this, right?

But something keeps getting in the way: you're struggling to get your online personal training up and running, or that it’s not working like you expected.

Now here’s what trainers like you are telling me why that is:

  • Overwhelmed that their isn’t enough time to make it a success
  • Or you’re fearful of the tech that might be involved
  • Or simply a fear of what it might take to be a great online coach to your clients
  • Or maybe you’re not sure where to start and it’s over complicated

Despite what you might think or currently be feeling, there are tested and proven methods on how to become an online personal trainer.

They aren't complicated. But they aren't taught through typical personal trainer qualifications or certifications.

You see – here at the Exceed Masterclass, we test and apply the knowledge and systems that can truly transform your coaching business and take your fitness career online.

That's why I created this article and the live training workshop - to help become an online personal trainer and create a successful, long-term online personal training business you can be proud of.

Here’s what I’ve discovered... an online fitness business changes everything.

When you learn how to create and grow it effectively, everything just gets better.

As you can see, an online personal training is absolutely the biggest opportunity to help more people and create your ideal lifestyle at the same time…but most coaches miss it completely.

How do I know? Well, keep reading on.

become an online personal trainer

Why the traditional personal training model is failing you

Some years ago now, I was working full time as a survey engineer, and I was hating every single second of it.

I felt trapped there, working the typical 9-5 daily grind, doing whatever my boss asked of me and never getting the opportunity to develop as a person.

After 5 years of this, I got pretty depressed and hit an all time low. I suddenly felt my entire life was going nowhere and I was stuck, destined to do a job that offered me nothing in return expect for a monthly pay check.

That’s when I made a big leap – I sold my flat, I sold my car and I quit my secure job with a nice monthly salary.

At this point I had no clients, no website or any money in my bank. Just my passion to follow my dreams and make shit happen. So that’s what I did.

I got started by coaching and training clients in a budget gym in the north east of England. Personal training was seen as a real luxury here but I managed to get between 15 and 20 full time clients.

Yet no matter what I tried, I couldn’t seem to add more. On top of working 45-60 hours every week on the gym floor, I needed to write programs, manage my small business, do some local marketing and pay my bills.

It was overwhelming and I quickly felt stuck again – it was the exact opposite of why I got into the fitness industry to follow my passion. I was back to working my butt off, yet not making much money, especially after the gym took their big cut each month.

The big leap to online coaching

I quickly realised that the traditional personal training model was failing me - I needed more clients, I needed a better income and I wanted more time off. Or else I was going to fail and I’d be back in my full time job again.

So I had to quickly learn how to do this and in the most affordable and effective way.

That’s when I decided to start my first online fitness business, Exceed Nutrition.

As you know, I had no previous experience of business or marketing, never mind doing so online, yet I got to work and soon discovered how to get all the clients that I needed and how to deliver them incredible results in the process. The best bit was, I was now doing this 100% online, in my own time, charging premium rates and enjoying the process.

I then created an automated system for success, which I have continued to repeat for years now, and for the first time ever, I’m openly sharing this entire process and system with you.

The result has been in just a few short years, I’ve been able to 10X my previous engineering salary, become a world-wide published author, coach thousands of people through my site and programs, and doing so all from the comfort of my home every day.

Check this out…

Instead of just working with 15 personal training clients, I’ve been able to help hundreds of clients at a time in our online group coaching program.

And check out what this has done for my income too. When I first quit my full time job I was earning zero – I was broke.

Then within year 1 I managed to get up to 15 clients as a personal trainer but I was running out of time so my income got capped. I then started my online fitness business and this instantly boosted my income in the second year.

Then I kept improving our program and growing my audience and in year three I had seriously boosted my income.


And remember, if you’d like to get all of my tips, tactics and strategies to help you become an online personal trainer, that’s exactly what I’ll be showing you how to do throughout this free online training workshop.

Step 1: Get planning

The first thing you must do is plan.

Let’s be honest, this is what we tell our clients every day, right – planning is essential for success.

Whether that’s remembering to pack their gym kit on a morning, or meal prepping on an evening for the next day. If you fail to prepare, then you must prepare to fail.

The same goes if you want to become an online personal trainer. It’s easy to wake up one day and say I want to be an online fitness coach or run an online program, but what will that actually involve to get to that end result.

Good planning will map out exactly what it takes, and also how to get there.

Firstly, I’m going to show you how to go from having dozens of different thoughts and mixed-up ideas, to narrowing down and picking the one that has the most potential and is the best fit for you and your audience.

To do this, you must answer the following questions:

1. What skills/knowledge do you have that is useful?

Where is your current level of expertise – what are your existing clients always picking your brains about or what do you find yourself spending a lot of time studying?

2. What interests and motivates you?

Ideally your area of expertise is also something that you really enjoy and are motivated to help people with.

If not, then you shouldn’t create a coaching program about it.

If you want to enjoy online coaching for the long term, then you really should be enjoying the main topics you regularly are helping clients with.

3. What can you confidently create content about?

When you move into the online coaching space, you must accept that you will be creating and publishing information on a regular basis. Be it for your marketing efforts or even for your clients, you will be creating stuff like resources, videos, ebooks or courses.

So make sure that you’re also happy to do this, before settling on your idea.

4. What problem can you solve?

Ok, so you want to become an online personal trainer, but what problem will you really solve for your clients.

Are you going to help clients with fat-loss, gut health, muscle building or lifestyle design – think about the problems people will have attached to the goals they have.

For example, what problems are current clients having when they are actively seeking a your existing personal training services?

5. Will people pay for access to your expertise?

You must also know if someone will pay for your coaching or service, and I’ll show you how to do this in step 3 below. 

6. How much expertise do you have? How much do you need?

Here you should think about any qualifications or credentials you might need to provide your program or coaching.

Sure, the fitness industry and the online world isn’t strictly regulated, but perhaps your clients might want to know your level of experience.

Think about how your going to show that you’re the real deal and qualified to coach people on this topic.

Step 2: Do your research 

Now that you know what area might interest you and the problems it can resolve for potential clients, you can now do some better research on existing clients or services that offer something similar.

1. Find out what questions people are asking

Dig into existing forums or groups that already have a number of people talking and seeking help about your chosen idea. Look and write down the exact questions they are asking – these will the exact same questions your potential clients will have too.

2. Read the comments section of influential blogs

Find some of the biggest blogs or people of influence who are already providing free or paid content to your ideal online client. Look at what content they are creating, which content is the most popular and how people engage with it.

3. Read reviews of popular books 

Amazon is a gold mine for research. Find popular books on your chosen area of expertise and read all of the reviews. What did they really value from the book and what did they want to know some more about.

4. Buy your competitors products 

Every single one of your potential clients are already online and are looking for a solution to their problems. Find out where they are already buying from and then buy the program yourself.

This might not work too well if it’s a personal coaching service, but if it’s a book, an online program or DVD, then buy it.

Study the material that you get – what makes it so popular – why is it solving peoples problems – what do you like about it – what can you make better.

5. Survey your existing clients

Perhaps you already have some clients you work with. If so then ask them what they would like to learn more about from you – what their biggest struggle was before they started your coaching and what they might like to see in an online program if they were to use one.

I know, it’s likely a lot to take in. Fortunately, I break this entire process down in hyper-detail throughout this free online workshop: How to Confidently Create & Grow Your Online Fitness Business.

become an online personal trainer

Step 3: Find an offer that converts

So far then, you’ve really brainstormed your ideas and researched the best one.

Nice work! Now we need to validate your idea. Many aspiring online personal trainers rush ahead with their idea, without doing any validation of whether it’s commercially viable, whether there’s a market etc.

So what is validation – well it’s a simple series of checks to ensure that your idea is a going to be a long-term success. My typical advice at this stage is to release a ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP).

Ultimately, with all the above research said and done, you need to be sure people will actually put there money where their mouth is and pay you for it. That’s when a MVP can be a great idea, as you will actually get people to take the next step with you.

What is a MVP?

1. Quick to deploy

You shouldn’t wait until you’ve spent weeks or months creating something before testing out the water with potential clients, so it should be something quick to get out there. Perhaps just a slice of what’s to come.

2. Minimal upfront work required

It’s therefore not going to take you huge amount of work to get out there. That’s right, you really don’t need to spend weeks creating websites before getting your first set of online clients.

3. Relevant to target market

The offer you make to your existing or future clients should be relevant to the type of clients you want to attract to the program – so keep it relevant.

4. Indicative of interest

Your MVP is designed to gauge the interest in your idea, to help you validate it even more.

So what type of MVP can you do?

1. Interest gauges - waiting list, lead magnet, Facebook group

Here you will ask your audience or existing clients to take the next step to learn more about your idea – like join a waiting list, enter their email for a relevant lead magnet or join a Facebook group. These are all a good demonstration of interest for your idea.

2. Amouse-bouche - single feature product

This is simply a sample of your online offering.

Perhaps you want to offer online skype consultations with your clients, along with workout videos, personal programs and recipe guides.

Well, here you could pick out one of those things and offer it to people, like a one-off nutrition plan that you would send to them.

Then try selling that as a product – not to make huge profits – but to simply validate part of your offering and that people are willing to pay for it.

3. Pre-sell & pre-orders

That type of validation is to go all in and offer a pre-sell of your online offering.

It’s likely at this stage nothing exists yet, but you’re going to test the market place to see if anyone is super keen to take you up on the offering.

In exchange, you could offer you best price or offer a big bonus that someone will get once everything is up and running for real.

Crowdsourcing is also popular these days, where people will back your idea and fund the making of it.

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