Part 1 of 4: Finding Your Audience

You need to be able to answer the following two questions:

WHO do you want to serve?

HOW do you want to serve them?

Knowing the answers to these two questions will change the way your online fitness business operates.

(HINT: I'm going to provide you the answers to these questions in the rest of this guide)

And it's your starting point for online personal training.

I would therefore recommend you write those down before continuing. 

Do it. I'll wait. Promise.



Okay, now let me help you answer them...

Finding Your Who

We all operate in the ‘health & fitness industry,’ which is big, broad and general. 

If you’re a personal trainer or health coach, then you are likely helping your clients with fat-loss, muscle-building, improving energy, well-being, etc etc...

You’re a "Jack of all trades”.

When you go online, this must STOP.

Read that last line again; it's that important.

Instead, you must work in a market of this industry such as “weight loss” OR “muscle-building.”

Once you’ve identified a potential market — like weight loss — you then need to narrow down your audience even further.

Markets are made up of niches, and within these niches, there are even smaller “pockets of people” with particular fears, frustrations, wants and desires.

BOOM! … This is where you want to be looking!

Let me demonstrate what I mean:

Instead of just being another online coach who specializes in nothing and is a "Jack of all trades," you become MUCH more.

You decide that your significant market within the industry is weight loss.

But that’s still too big and broad. We need to narrow that down.

What about weight loss for men?


But more specifically … men over 20% body fat.

But not just obese men … busy professional obese men.

But not just busy professional obese men… a busy obese man who has children.

You are therefore NO longer just another online trainer.

Instead, you are...

A body coach specializing in helping busy professional Dad's get under 20% body fat in less than 6 months.

See how that works?

Do you get what I’ve just done here?

By finding out who your online coaching or service is perfect for, you can create your target market.

By having a specific client you’d like to work with, you can fine-tune your idea to them, and make it bespoke.

This means you won’t waste time, effort or investment trying to sell your online coaching to people who don’t want it.

(In fact, trying to sell something to everyone is not suitable for online business.)

Once you have this information, you can then provide this specific group of people the perfect online service that feels like a ‘glass slipper’ to their problems.

This is how to stand out when selling online coaching or services and your marketing will become a magnet to those who you are speaking directly too.

The takeaway point here is thisyou must niche down and solve one problem for one select group of people.

Here's the type of results you can expect when you do:

Powerful stuff, right?

Next, we must validate this niche to discover:

  • Is the audience I want out there?
  • Are they passionate about the topic?
  • Are they seeking a solution to their problem?
  • Are they hungry enough to buy?
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