Part 4 of 4: How to Serve Your Niche

The big question now is HOW can you best serve your selected niche online.

Below I'm going to show you five strategies that you can use to start with serving your audience.

They are tried and tested business models that work.

In fact, they work so well, you're soon gonna feel like you've just hit a this dude..

#1 Consulting & Coaching

Here you offer your knowledge and expertise in the online setting, so no more meeting clients in person. ​


This means you can now work from anywhere you want.

You know your stuff, have some experience and can show results, so people will pay you to access this.

In return, you provide personal help to your online clients, via plans or private calls.

It’s effortless to set up, you don’t need to create anything aside from a great looking application form, and then you can directly promote this by giving it a shout out on social media, paid advertising or via email.

Or all 3 if you're a propa hustla ;)

You can have this online coaching model set up and working efficiently for you on auto-pilot within a matter of days.

For the majority of my students, this is the coaching model that I recommend starting with online.

It’s easy to implement and has excellent potential for a high recurring income.


This is how I got started with online personal training, and I offered my clients direct email access to me, to help them with their nutrition and exercise.

On it’s most basic level, I would offer personal nutrition and training plans and would send these to clients via email.

I was able to coach a large number of clients like this, way more than I could when working in a gym, and could do it from the comfort of my home each day.

At my busiest, this would still only take a couple of hours per day, which left me loads of time to do other things that I wanted.

#2 Affilate Marketing

Here you sign up as an affiliate to other people’s related products or services in the fitness industry.

This should be for things that you know your existing clients or followers will WANT to buy.

The best bit is you don’t need to create anything yourself.


You just pass on your affiliate links and every time someone buys through it, you get a cut.

This is a straightforward way to get started online however it’s not a fast way to make money, more of a long game.

If you are super busy or already know that you don’t want to create anything, or coach anybody online, but would still like to earn money from it, then I’d recommend this approach for you.

However please note, I’m NOT referring to those dodgy MLM schemes – that’s not what I mean here.

They are for losers, fact!

#3 eBooks & Programs

Now we are moving up the online ladder...

Ideally you have a small audience already, perhaps via your email list, social media fans or website blog.

Here you will create a small digital download at a reasonable price.

Significant work is needed now, as you must create that content, have it designed and packaged, plus put up a sexy looking sales page for it.

This work usually pays off, as you now have a high-quality digital product that you can sell online forever.

This is when you start making money while you sleep.

My suggestion is to start making an income via consulting first, and then get to work on building out ebooks and programs only when you have a sustainable income coming in already.

#4 Software & Apps 

Okay, okay, I know many trainers struggle to send an email never mind create a software product.

But here’s the thing; you only need the big ideas to make this happen.

You should work alongside a developer to turn your ideas into a reality, and it could be software for ANYTHING.

(Check out the iTunes app store, and you will see thousands of FitPros creating workout apps, recipe apps and coaching apps for people to purchase.)

If you’ve got a great idea - then you should make it happen.

#5 Membership Programs

This is considered one of the best online business models to have because it harnesses recurring income.

Here you put significant amounts of content behind a paid ‘wall’ that customers will pay you monthly or annually to access.

If you can create something that genuinely becomes someone’s ‘final solution’ to solving the problem they started paying you for, you will have a customer for life.

Most membership programs are created with recurring income in mind.

This means it’s a forever transaction until the client says to stop.

This means no more ‘one-off’ nutrition plans or 8-week coaching packages.

As you grow your membership, you grow your monthly income.

This is ideal if you already have an online following and some products or courses you can add to your membership site. (My Exceed Masterclass is the perfect example of this).

No matter what you want to achieve from an online fitness business, it’s probable that you will use one or more of the above models.

What to do now

I’ve given you a framework for finding people WHO you want to serve and HOW to serve them online.

Those are the exact first steps you need to take.

Remember, you need to be able to answer the following two questions:

WHO do you want to serve?

HOW do you want to serve them?

Only then are you ready for the next steps of creating and growing an online fitness business.

Lets take action

I’ve compiled a free downloadable toolkit that will take you through, step-by-step, how to implement everything that you have just learned, plus much more.

(yes, it includes a downloadable PDF version of this article ..)

It’s your roadmap to give you the answers you need to be able to create your online fitness business with a firm foundation.

It will walk you through the WHO and the HOW.  

You'll learn:

#1. Why offline personal training is failing you

#2. If online personal training if right for you and your career

#3. The first critical steps to getting started online 

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If you've made it this far, this is for you - grab it now while you still can:


  • 1
    Traditional personal training (offline coaching) is a cash for time business model that leads to burn out.
  • 2
    Online personal training is the answer to FINALLY achieving the career in health & fitness that you want.  
  • 3
    Any trainer of coach can now start online personal training.
  • 4
    Your starting point for online personal training is knowing WHO you want to serve and HOW you want to serve them.
  • 5
    You must select a particular niche and stop being a Jack of all trades. 
  • 6
    The "secret sauce" to online marketing only happens once you get clear on your client avatar and start speaking directly to them.
  • 7
    You should pick one business model to start serving your  niche and stick with it 100% for at least one year.
  • 8
    Download the free Online Trainers Success Toolkit and get a roadmap to give you the answers you need to be able to create your online fitness business with a firm foundation: