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Proven Sales & Marketing Strategies for Online Personal Trainers

The single most important question that should always be on the mind of new online personal trainers, is what is the best practice to getting a new email subscriber, selling a low priced programme or selling a high ticket service online.After all, if nobody actually buys our online products or services, what’s the point? Nada. So this […]

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Launching an Online Fitness Business – A Proven Formula

In the online internet marketing world, launching is a big thing, with some online fitness businesses using it as their primary method of promoting and selling. From my experience, it’s a great tool to heavily promote a new online programme or service, or occasionally promote your existing offerings. After all, if you’ve put large amounts of work […]

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The Perfect Nutrition Consultation for Online Personal Trainers

Creating a personal nutrition coaching experience starts with the nutrition consultation process, which means finding out the important personal information directly from your client. If you do not screen a client with an effective nutrition consultation procedure, chances are you will not really be creating a bespoke strategy, or you may miss vital information. That means […]

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FitPro’s: 8 Simple Ways to Make the Best of Social Media

So where do we start with social media? Should we just post the same simple thoughts that pop into our heads each day or should we dive into the advertising opportunities they offer? Or both? Well the truth is you shouldn’t be doing any of these things until you’ve read this blog post. If you truly want to […]

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FitPro’s: Social Media Success – 5 Common Mistakes

Social media isn’t rocket science. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you already have an active account for at least 3-4 different platforms and you use them daily. Yet despite already using them, you may not be having the success you would like, or think you deserve, for the effort and time you put into […]

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FitPro’s: Social Media Success – Instant Tips

Social media is taking over our lives’. Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with it. The problem is we know it’s a great tool for improving our fitness business. It provides us with a platform to network with like-minded people in our industry, grow an audience and even advertise. That’s some powerful stuff right there. So why do I […]

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