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How to Confidently Create & Grow Your Online Fitness Business

with Ru Anderson

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During this workshop I'll show you the essential steps to take in order to create and grow your online fitness business into a long-term success for years to come. Plus, I also unveil an exclusive invitation to join the Exceed Masterclass, which is your essential resource for the training, advice and support you need to plan, create and grow a profitable, meaningful online fitness business. Check out below what our members say about our membership program, content and approach ...

Limited Time Workshop Bonus

As a valued workshop attendee I'm running a special offer value bomb bonus for new Masterclass members right now. Every month, as a Masterclass member, you'll receive a brand new professional, done-for-you client recipe pack to boost your online services, save time and achieve incredible client results. 

Get access to a brand new client recipe pack every single month; including breakfasts, lunches, smoothies, snacks and dinners (normally $29 per month)! This is all included next to my flagship training inside the Exceed Masterclass.

Take a look inside the Masterclass

The Masterclass is full of in-depth, practical resources on all areas of planning, building, running and growing a successful online fitness business. Once you register, you can get started right away with our Complete Online Business Builder Program - this our comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you the high level theory, but the actual execution of how you can do the same.

Watch the video to discover the only program you need to plan, create and grow your online personal training business. If you want to inspire others with your passion, but you've struggled to get it out to people, this is for you. If you want to increase your income and work to your own schedule, but don't know where to start, this is for you.

Meet Our Members

"I was lost with website creation, but within eight weeks I'd gone from nothing, to having a fully functioning website. Alone, I could have been there eight months and probably still not got there. The Masterclass gives me the right tools, in the right way, in the most efficient manner to help me move forward."

- Simon Mitchell

"It's a confusing marketplace out get into the Masterclass - get involved, get help and get direction. You'll be able to really refine what it is you want from your online business, get that fine-tuned and get a roadmap for where you want to be."

- Robin Taggart

"It's sometimes difficult to motivate the Masterclass it's all broken down, laid out into lessons, so you can take it one step at a time - you know exactly what to do. It basically lights a fire under me to get things done."  

- Claire Redmond