CASE STUDY: From Zero to £1k+ In Just 6 Weeks with Online Personal Training

CASE STUDY: From Zero to £1k+ In Just 6 Weeks with Online Personal Training

In this week's Masterclass Podcast, I reveal how Masterclass member Connor went from zero to £1000+ in just 6 weeks with online personal training.

We're currently swimming amongst a sea of '6-figure' this and '7-figure' that marketing hype. It's doable, but it takes longer than you think.

Instead, what if you could add an additional $1-$2k in monthly recurring revenue from online just a few weeks’ time.

How would that make you feel? What would that change for you?

That's exactly what
Masterclass member Conor has just achieved. He followed my proven formula training and in just 6 week's he went from zero to £1k+ from his new online program.

If you follow and commit to the training, you can too. Conor proved it.

What I love about Conor's story is that he was spinning his wheels and getting nowhere with online training for over a year. But he decided to get some help. He stayed committed. 
He had the courage to keep going. If Conor can do it, so can you.

Get access to the exact step-by-step training Conor followed as a member of the Masterclass.

Click here to learn more and to become a member today.

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