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How to Deliver a Coaching Program for Online Personal Training

This week in the Fitpro Masterclass Podcast for online personal trainers, we’re chatting all about program delivery. LISTEN ON ITUNES LISTEN ON STITCHER As in, how to deliver an online coaching program to your clients.Now we’re not talking about software here; we’re going to be looking at the finer details that can have a significant […]

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The Complete Design Guide to Your Personal Trainer Website

It’s essential for every online fitness coach to create a number of online assets. One of the most important assets you will likely create, is your personal trainer website.No matter what your online fitness business is, a well constructed personal trainer website will build more ‘know, like and trust’ with your prospective clients, and therefore […]

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How to Create an Online Group Coaching Program

As part of this Masterclass coaching series I’m helping my members plan, create and grow their online fitness businesses. I’m sharing these interviews from those who kindly agreed in order to help you, but ultimately I want this to really encourage the fitness industry to be more collaborative, more open and generally more successful at serving […]

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