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6 Ways to Increase Sales for Your Online Fitness Business

Want more online personal training clients? Who doesn’t, right?! LISTEN ON ITUNES LISTEN ON STITCHER I often find that rather than huge complex sales strategies and eye-watering ad budgets, it’s usually a culmination of minor tactics and little details that end up moving the needle in terms of attracting new online personal training clients.In this […]

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How to Price Your Online Coaching Like a Pro

Setting the wrong price for you online coaching can be catastrophic for your fitness business. If you’ve ever created an online program, you’re familiar with the challenging questions about the price you decide on.Is it too high and no one will join? Is it too low and you’re leaving money on the table?How the heck do […]

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Should You Offer Free Trials As An Online Trainer

In this week’s brand new podcast episode I help Masterclass member Steve transition from offering his free online program to a premium paid product. We also chat about how to get testimonials for your brand new program, and how to boost client adherence and consistency to your paid programs and services. It’s another great episode, enjoy! […]

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Launching an Online Fitness Business – A Proven Formula

In the online internet marketing world, launching is a big thing, with some online fitness businesses using it as their primary method of promoting and selling. From my experience, it’s a great tool to heavily promote a new online programme or service, or occasionally promote your existing offerings. After all, if you’ve put large amounts of work […]

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