What You Need To Get Started

Meet Gary Hill; he’s our case study for this guide:

Online Personal Trainer Gary Hill

Gary made £1125 ($1565) from one single Facebook post.

(I'll show you the exact post very soon .. it's a doozy)

He instantly sold out his new online coaching program.

He became fully booked.

Gary actually used the information he got from me … and surprise surprise — it didn't take long and he was making money. Good money.

You see, my student Gary knew nothing about making money online…


If Gary could make $1565 from one post in such a short time — then surely it's possible for you to do something similar ..

.. if you follow what I say on the coming pages.

I figure if you can do that — then scaling to $3000 … then $5000  … and even then to $10,000 — is just a matter of rinsing and repeating.

Then your inbox can also look like Gary's:

How to make money as an online personal trainer

This is entirely possible, and I’m going to show you exactly how he did this.

If Gary can do it, so can you.

Here are the exact steps you need to follow...

Step 1 - Your Big Idea


It sets the stage.


The BIG IDEA is the most important single element of your online coaching.

It will set you apart from the crowd.

These days your prospects have seen it all.

They’re smart, sophisticated and skeptical.

An essential part of forming your big idea is knowing who your program is for and what goals it helps your clients achieve.

This is known as your target profile ..

Target profiling for online personal training

Here’s why this matters ..

The key to quickly gaining traction online is to, "solve one specific problem for one specific group of people."

A promotion that does this right will make your reader stop, take notice and want to find out more.

A promotion that fails to pique your reader’s interest will most likely get ignored.

Let me show you with a couple of examples ..

Good Example #1: Busy Mum’s who want to get their pre-baby body back and don’t have time to go to the gym.

Good Example #2: I help MMA fighters make weight for a fight safely, without losing performance.

Bad Example #1: People who want a six pack and lose weight (too broad).

Bad Example #2: Guys named Peter who likes Dungeons & Dragons & live in Norway (too narrow).

If niching down is new to you, then also read here where I list a number of killer methods I use to find audiences with needs.

It might seem tedious (compared to getting a new logo or designing your website) but spending the time to research what your client wants will be one of the most important things you do for your online fitness business.

The biggest tip I can give you is this …

… instead of starting with a product in mind — like everyone does — start by identifying an audience that has a specific need (solve problems).

Did you get that?

Never start with a "product" in mind … and then attempt to find an audience to sell it to. No. That's not the most effective way to approach niche selection.

Identify the audience FIRST. Find out what they are ALREADY looking for … then simply give it to them. Really doesn't need to be much more complicated than that.

Don't have time to read the whole guide right now?

No worries. Let me send you a copy along with our entire Online Trainers Success Toolkit so you can read it when it’s convenient for you. Just let me know where to send it: