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How Marc Quit His Job, Published an Ebook and Launched His Online Coaching Program

On this weeks show I'm joined by one of my awesome 1-2-1 coaching clients Marc, owner of Weight Training Is The Way. We've been working very closely together for about 12 weeks and he's taken action on everything that I have suggested.

No task has been too big for Marc and this can be seen in his results. In the past 12 weeks Marc's been able to quit his job as a journalist, he's been able to self-publish his own e-Book and launch his first online coaching program with paying clients. Awesome, right!

I'm super proud of what Marc has achieved in this short period of time. It shows you what is possible and what can be achieved if you take action on the information that you're learning and perhaps even get some help with it.

Marc also shares some of his biggest takeaways and those 'ah-ha' moments from his coaching experience with myself, so that you can learn from them as well. One of his biggest takeaways was  the moment that he decided to get 'unstuck' with his online fitness business. I can really relate to this myself, because the number one obstacle that I faced when starting my own fitness business was not knowing what to do next.  

I had that helpless feeling of being stuck; those constant thoughts of do I need a website, what pages are the most important, what tools should I be using, and how do I get people to actually take notice of me online. And then there's things like the tech side of things; what software is best, what the hell is  an autoresponder and how do I even get an offer out there. It's a minefield! 

I used to feel like this and that's why I finally reached out for help, just like Marc did. And the only thing that really proved to consistently help me in my fitness business was the personalized advice on the exact situation I was in, from someone that has actually been there before. You're going to hear Marc talk about this in the video below. 

Sometimes we need someone to tell us exactly what to do. Since then I've been able to help my clients go full-time in the fitness industry, just like Marc, and get their first online clients, and even make more money online than they've ever thought possible.

Over the last year I have been offering private coaching sessions for a few selected Masterclass members. Sam was one of my first online students and you heard his story and his results on last week's podcast show.  

I want to do the same for you, and that's why this week I've opened up a number of personalised one-on-one, 'get unstuck' program spots to help you do exactly the same. If you want to accelerate your results with an online coaching program, then this is exactly what you need. 

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