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How to Create a Killer Marketing & Promotion Plan for Online Personal Training

In this week’s Exceed Masterclass podcast for online personal trainers, we’ll be taking a look at the core fundamental marketing and promotion strategies you should have in place to ensure you are growing your online fitness business week by week, month by month.
How to Create a Killer Marketing & Promotion Plan for Online Personal Training

If you have a business, you need to market and promote it.

But don’t make this common mistake:

These two are different things.

Marketing is the process of making potential customers and clients interested in your products and/or services.

Promotion is the process of moving potential clients and customers to the next stage by offering a discount, running an advertising campaign or creating scarcity.

You need to apply tried and tested strategies for your marketing AND promotions.

Once you find the sweet spot between marketing and promotion, you get a sustainable, profitable online fitness business.

That’s your goal, right?

So what should a typical marketing plan look like?

And what should a typical promotion plan look like?

Find out by tuning into this week’s podcast episode!

Episode Summary:

  • check
    How to put a core marketing and promotion strategy into place
  • check
    Why every online personal trainer needs to create free content
  • check
    How to use social media to start and develop relationships online
  • check
    How to use automation and scheduling to save you time

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