The 5 Steps to Elite-Level Nutrition Coaching

We all know that good nutrition is the ‘secret’ to getting our clients into shape. Incredible transformations are created through what they are eating.

That’s why as fitness trainers and coaching professionals, we need to learn how to help our clients with their diets. In fact, it’s CRITICAL we learn how to coach nutrition.

When you acquire the right knowledge and systems to become a better coach, you get to change lives and build a rewarding career. There are 5 steps to elite-level nutrition coaching, and I’ll break down each below.

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STEP 1: Move from 'Fitness Trainer' to 'Trusted Coach'

Everyone can tell someone to eat fewer processed foods, or cut back on the alcohol, but how do you actually make that happen for them?

That’s why being a good coach is of paramount importance in getting real results for your clients. This is the mistake many trainers make when they first start providing nutrition advice to clients – they simply tell the client what to do.

In fact, to become a trusted coach, you must learn so much more about every single client while providing some fundamental teaching, guidance, support and accountability along the way.

A great coach must therefore understand the current situation with their client. By doing this, we can provide the right level of information at the right times.

A common trend with trainers is to overcomplicate their nutritional advice and coaching. They believe it needs to be complicated and advanced to obtain the best results – it doesn’t.

As the saying goes – ‘if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough’. Most trainers don’t understand nutrition well enough and shouldn’t be giving out advice.

Keep it simple, to the point and actionable.

As you can see, being a trusted nutrition coach isn’t just telling people what to eat. You must prepare for your client, collect preliminary information, evaluate this information and establish the correct starting approach to coaching for this individual client.

Free Workshop: Learn the Proven Nutrition System of Elite Trainers

STEP 2: Say No to the Nutrition Plan

Many trainers believe good nutrition coaching starts and finishes with ‘meal plans.’ Truth is, meal plans don’t work for the majority of clients.

There are a number of key problems I commonly see from those trying to constantly adhere to set nutrition plans:

1. It’s not flexible

Nutrition plans are too rigid and are unnecessary for someone simply trying to improve their body and health. They are therefore too strict and ‘set in stone’ for most people and they result in a high failure rate. Many also lack variety, which can quickly lead to undernourishment, cravings and diet boredom.

2. Not a long-term solution

If your client becomes reliant on following a nutrition plan to eat better, than they become dependent on that. What happens when they are found in a situation that they can’t stick exactly with your plan – like eating out? They’ll probably deviate from what they perceive as ‘healthy eating’ because it doesn’t match their plan, kick starting a spiral of frustration and anxiety. The result is, they say ‘screw it’ and begin eating everything they like. Over time, this creates a poor relationship with food.

3. They learn nothing

By simply following a nutrition plan, you’re clients aren’t learning anything. They are just following what you think is right for them. The result is that they fail to tune into their body and listen to the feedback it is giving them. Instead, your plan tells them to eat ‘x’ food, in ‘y’ quantity at ‘z’ time – but is that really what their body wants and needs? Probably not.

Free Workshop: Learn the Proven Nutrition System of Elite Trainers

STEP 3: Learn how to Habitual Coach

We are creatures of habit. We like routine and do well by following guidelines and advice. On the flip side most of us do not do as well with strict rules. These usually mean restriction and limitation. When it comes to nutrition, exactly the same thing applies.

Many clients have acquired bad nutritional habits, and they practise these every single day. 

As you can see it’s not just a case of providing nutrition plans or counting calories for these people, it’s about breaking and improving habits. By changing the clients daily bad habits for improved and healthy habits, the ‘numbers’ usually take care of themselves and impressive results can be achieved from this alone.

From experience there are a number of good habits that most people could do with forming, and then adhering to, every single day. Unlike rigid plans or calorie counting that come across as rules (which are likely to be broken), the new set of habits comes across as guidelines to simply follow and stick to.

Free Workshop: Learn the Proven Nutrition System of Elite Trainers

STEP 4: Have a Proven and Tested System

As nutrition coaches, our goal is to instill improved dietary habits into our clients. This will then put them in control of their own nutrition, as they will know what they need on a daily basis from knowing their own bodies. This requires a clear and repeatable system, plus a basic and fundamental understanding of nutrition, which we should also aim to instill in our clients.

By turning your coaching methods and ideas into a system, you can improve your confidence, save-time and get every client the best results. Without it, you’re just guessing and hoping something works.

By having a nutrition system in place, you can quickly advise on the following:

• Nutrients and energy requirements of the body

• Hunger, energy and craving signals

• Meal frequency and timing

• Portion control and serving sizes

• Nutrition for optimal rest & recovery

• Many, many more

Our goal as nutrition coaches is not to just tell people what they should eat and when, but empower them with a proven and tested system that both you and them can have confidence in following.

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STEP 5: Get the Right On-Going Education

Why are you not offering the best nutrition coaching you can to your clients? Perhaps you don’t have the knowledge or confidence to do so yet.

The typical personal trainer qualifications do not provide you with the right information, and they don’t tell you what you really need to know to be a great nutrition coach.

I too was fed-up of listening to the same age-old nutrition information and attending out-dated courses that never delivered real results for my clients. I wanted to learn an effective system that would get results for every client I worked with.

Whether you're currently in the health and fitness industry or are thinking about turning your passion for health into a new career, there's a way to build confidence in your coaching ability, change people's lives and have a very rewarding career.

The problem is, nobody is teaching you about how to really do this.

And most coaches are actually looking in the wrong places for help:

  • they earn more meaningless certifications or awards
  • they read the latest fitness books with the same information
  • they go to seminars and workshops that teach nothing new

That quest often takes us away from the real, underlying problems that are stopping us creating the coaching business we truly want. Instead you should be learning from alternative sources, connecting with like-minded people and sharing ideas with those who have done what you want to do.

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