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Introducing the Online Fitness Business from Scratch Series (OFBS)

This is the start of a brand-new training series to help you with your online fitness business.

It's called Online Fitness Business from Scratch.

Each episode will take you through my very own step-by-step process to planning, creating and launching my new online fitness business,

JustCoach removes all of the time and frustrations with coaching clients and lets you get back to doing your best work. This means a better experience for your clients, fewer headaches for you.

I will be taking you behind the scenes of everything I am doing by sharing my thoughts, processes and experiences while setting everything up during this exciting project.

So you can bet this new training is well worth your time.

This week, I've shared the critical first steps to starting an online fitness business that will lay those crucial foundations for long-term success.

Episode Summary

  • Why you need to look for mentors outside of the health and fitness industry
  • Why you do not need to be working on your big idea right now
  • How consistently showing up can result in huge opportunities
  • How to research the market and create a unique offer
  • How to create a powerful WHY
  • Why you cannot always complete your project on your own

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Let's Build Your Online Fitness Business Together!

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