Why Every Online Personal Trainer Needs A Signature Coaching Program

Why Every Online Personal Trainer Needs A Signature Online Coaching Program

In this week’s Exceed Masterclass podcast for online personal trainers, I reveal the eight key components that are required to create a successful signature program.
Why Every Online Personal Trainer Needs A Signature Online Coaching Program

My advice for many online personal trainers to quickly get started online is by following the consulting business model.

The consulting model means you don’t need to create a fancy program or online assets, as you will personally coach your online clients and develop things for them as and when they need, like a nutrition plan or exercise program. It’s therefore pretty bespoke and tailored.

But there comes a time, when you ‘learn the ropes’ some more and discover what your typical online client needs for success. So instead of constantly creating the same things for new clients, you’ll want to create these assets so that you can begin to leverage your time better. It also means you can make them higher quality too.

At this point, I recommend you create your online signature program. You give it a name, a structure, an objective, and you move from consultant to product creator.

Your Signature System is now what people are signing up for, it’s no longer you. It’s what people talk about in their groups and share with their friends. It becomes known in the industry, and you begin to dominate your space as a result.

You leverage your time and free up more time to work ON your business than IN your business.

You’ve created an essential online asset that people are willing to pay you a premium for.

Episode Summary:

  • check
    8 critical components of a signature system
  • check
    Ways to structure your online signature program
  • check
    3 Signature program examples and how they work
  • check
    The 3 main types of signature program to choose from

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