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ProCoach Review & Pricing

By Milos Blagojevic

ProCoach is Precision Nutrition’s nutrition coaching software designed to help you get the best results while working less, growing your business and living life on your terms.

It does this by delivering PN’s nutrition and lifestyle coaching program – complete with daily lessons, habits, progress updates and much more. The same curriculum they use with their clients.

ProCoach is only available for Precision Nutrition Certification students.

Check out the rundown below for our quick review, or scroll down for our complete ProCoach review; including features, ease of use, integrations, pricing and client management.

The Rundown





Ease of Use



Client Experience

Client Management


  • angle-double-right
    Proven coaching system
  • angle-double-right
    Done-for-you program
  • angle-double-right
    Super easy to use


  • angle-double-right
    Limited flexibility 
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    Unable to brand/customize
  • angle-double-right
    High monthly cost

The Full Review


PN’s curriculum – This is their primary and only nutrition program that you can use. It has 24 habits and lasts for 52 weeks (12 months). Each habit is completed for 14 days, delivering daily lessons and check-ins directly to your client.

procoach curriculum overview

PN’s curriculum will cover everything from nutrition to a healthy lifestyle – from protein and carbs, to sleep routines and gratitude exercises – it has everything.

All you have to do is add your client, and the program will start. There’s also a 'mini-bonus' for each client, and it’s called the “Quick Start Guide”. A personalized pdf ebook that contains fantastic necessary information’s about nutrition generated based on their answers in the questionnaire.

Learning Center – ProCoach has a Learning Center that will teach you everything you need to know. You will also find an article on every imaginable topic. It includes items like:

  • Done-for-you marketing campaigns
  • Marketing and sales
  • Coach dashboard
  • Coaching clients
  • Client management
  • Billing
  • Exercise programming
  • Content and curriculum
overwiev of learning centre in procoach software

These are not courses, but instead education articles about specific topics. However, in the “Done for You Marketing Campaigns,” you will find landing page previews (educational purposes), entirely written email sequences (swipe), infographics and other marketing materials (branded as PN). You will also have permission to use a few marketing video materials made by PN.

Community – You will get access to the exclusive ProCoach FB group. In it, you will find hands-on advice on how to make your coaching better, how to best use ProCoach and many useful tips directly from JB and Krista.

Ease of Use

ProCoach might be the easiest software to use. Everything is built in and starts once you add your client. It has a huge downside, and that’s zero flexibility, which I’ll cover in-depth in the conclusion segment.

overview of dashboard with client details in procoach software

You will have no problem gathering data from each client; everything is laid out for them, all you have to do is read their answers and look at their progress photo. Also, when it comes to those, PN’s curriculum has set client measurements for every two weeks. Everything is stored beautifully and works like a clock.

You get notifications every time your client uploads his measurements or answers to their questions in the curriculum. Not only you can quickly check what your client answers were, but you will also find a quick coaching tip and a reminder of the lesson in question, so you won’t have to re-read every lesson each time someone answers specific teachings.


ProCoach offers only one integration, and that’s the only part that was missing once they launched ProCoach and its exercise section.

For an additional monthly fee, you can get access to PN’s exact workouts that they’ve been using with their clients. It offers 28 different workout programs, for different goals and possible client limitations. Each program lasts for 52 weeks, divided into different phases. Every workout has different scaling options, starting from whether you will work out at the gym or home, and how much time you have. It also has an impressive video library explaining techniques and giving different tips about each exercise.

overview of exercise section in procoach app


ProCoach has a starter package for 99 USD/month, which includes for 20 clients. They have different packages that range from 20-50, 50+ clients, while ProCoach workouts cost 50 USD/month.

They also offer 90 days guarantee - If you want to cancel ProCoach, they will return your money.

Client Experience

For PN’s curriculum, clients have to answer daily on check-ins and lessons. ProCoach doesn’t have an app version, but rather your clients will have to open it every time from a web-browser.

Daily lessons have questions, and clients can’t mark lessons as completed until they answer specific questions in each lesson. These questions are based on Motivational Interviewing and let you have a clear look at your client behavior and mindset, but getting answers to some questions can be tough. The client might need more time, and tomorrow, they will get a new lesson and a further set of new questions.

display of habit check in for clients in procoach software
display of lessons in for clients in procoach software

Very quickly, clients can become overwhelmed in the process (not to mention if some of them are OCD, and suddenly red marks start to pop up on check-ins).

Client Management

From all the software’s that I’ve tested, ProCoach wins in this part. All the information that you ever need is available, whether it is something your client typed 12 weeks ago or a new progress photo that he uploaded.

overview of client progress page in procoach

It has a beautiful white clear design and dashboard where you can see all your clients. Everything that needs to be opened in a new tab is automatically opened, and everything that needs to stay in the main tab – stays. Very, very user-friendly.


ProCoach has many things automated which makes your coaching easy to do. However, that comes with a price, and that’s flexibility.

You have one curriculum, for your fat loss and muscle gain clients. There’s no pause or any way to extend the current habit if your client is struggling with it (like guys with their veggies, or girls with their protein). This can also lead to your clients being overwhelmed at some point.

They don’t offer any courses on how to set up your business, so if you are new to this, it might be a problem. Also, a lack of flexibility and the offering of only one program for the duration of 12 months, may come as a marketing problem for a new coach.

For now, ProCoach is delivered in English only, so as long as your clients understand English, they can use the program.

The main problem that kept popping up from coaches is the branding. ProCoach is fully branded as Precision Nutrition. Not just that, but their curriculum has educational videos, led by JB and Krista. Your clients will have questions, so you need to come up with a clear explanation of what’s going on.

There’s A LOT of Precision Nutrition in ProCoach, which leads very little room for you or your company.

ProCoach has its place amongst leading online coaching software’s, and even at the first look, you can see how much they have invested in it. However, being the best does not equal being the best choice for you, and that’s why we decided to come up with this ProCoach review.

You should also include other factors like your knowledge of online coaching, marketing strategy, budget and experience with clients.

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