A Proven Formula to Make Your First $1000 from Online Personal Training

A Proven Formula to Make Your First $1000 from Online Personal Training

In this week's Masterclass Podcast, I reveal the most effective and proven formula for making your first $1000 from online personal training.

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After working with hundreds of trainers now, I realised that you needed to know the 80/20 of how to get started with online personal training.

No fluff –  no BS -  no complicated software or tech headaches. And best of all, if you’re stuck on time, this is super quick to implement.

This is the 20% that will have the single biggest impact on making your online fitness business a success. It's the simplest, most effective and affordable method for high ticket online personal training.

And since this training was released into the Masterclass some months ago, a lot of our members have went on to make their first $1000 and beyond with this – so it works, it’s proven and I know it can work for you too.

This audio training is going to give you a really nice overview of why and how this formula works. It’s a slice of the complete course that’s available to Masterclass members. For some of you, it may be all the information you need to put it into place and see results from.

But if you do want even more help with this, then the complete course inside the Masterclass is something you will want to have at your disposal.

That’s because not only do I deep dive this formula in way more detail, I provide you with all the examples and resources you need along the way.

Combine that with our step-by-step tech tutorials that shows you how to set everything up in the easiest way possible, plus personal coaching from me, the Masterclass will ensure you have all the knowledge, training and support you need to turn this into a reality.

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