How To Get Started As An Online Personal Trainer (Part 3 of 3)

It’s time to debunk some myths.

With the rise of online personal training, there has risen an industry of marketers trying to sell trainers onto complicated and expensive internet marketing methods.

So many coaches are taught (wrongly) that they need a website, a “lead magnet,” a “sales funnel,” and a tribe, or that you need to write a book and become a paid speaker, or that you need to complete an online marketing program.

But none of this is true.

Instead, I’m going to share answers to questions that will give you real, tangible results from day one. Just like I did for Coach Kenny ..

Online personal training results

"Do people really pay money for online personal training?"

160 billion dollars (and growing);

That’s the estimated size of the online coaching and education market.

Why is the online coaching industry growing so fast?

It’s quite simple: people are increasingly becoming more goal-oriented, more ambitious, and more accountable for results, and this has created a natural demand for online coaches who can help them.

It used to be that most people didn’t feel that “advice” would help them in their health, fitness, mindset, or other areas of life.

Now millions of people believe that somebody could come into their life, understand their situation, give them critical advice, and they would have better results.

What does all this mean?

Online coaching is entering a golden age.

Demand for online coaches is higher than supply, and online trainers who know how to tap into this growing market and find clients can expect to earn a respectable living.

Yes—people really do pay money for online personal training, increasingly more so!

In fact, I'm teaching my students how sell $1000+ programs online, just like Mark ..

Making money as an online personal trainer

"How much does it cost to start an online fitness business?"

Online training is one of those rare business opportunities where it costs nothing to get started.

There’s practically no risk at all in getting started.

You don’t need a fancy website. You don’t need a huge tribe. You definitely don’t need to spend big bucks on advertising.

Assuming you have a laptop and an internet connection—and that you are fully committed to the path of becoming an online trainer and you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone and grow—the cost of starting an online fitness business is practically nothing.

We currently live in such a modern society where we can now create and grow online businesses in the quickest amount of time, with the least amount investment.

It does not get any quicker or more affordable to start an online business.

One of my students Conor, went from $0 to $1000+ in recurring monthly income in just 6 week's with his new online program ..

Online personal trainer Conor

"How do I find and retain my first online clients?"

Do you want to know what potential clients really care about, when they’re considering whether or not they want to work with you online?

It’s your results.

That’s right.

When clients can see that you get results, it inspires a certain level of professional confidence that a website, blog series, or product simply cannot replicate.

I teach my students how to build an online client base from scratch—real, paying clients—by using the “secret weapon” of every single trainer.

Their results.

It allows you to build your online coaching practice from nothing—i.e. no reputation, no connections, no marketing budget, and no existing clients you can tap for referrals.

It works because it taps into what clients really care about.

It taps into what really gives them the confidence to say “Yes!” to working with you.

Simply show people your existing client results and you too can get online clients just like Simon .. 

Online personal trainer Simon Mitchell

"I'm rubbish with technology - can I really make this work?"

The fear of technology is often a reservation for starting online.

I get it.

Here’s my answer to this…

We now live in the digital revolution and it’s time to embrace it or get left behind.

Let that last sentence sink in a little ..

If you want to reach more people with your expertise, then technology is how you do that.

If you want to take more time off by automating things, then technology is how you do that.

You can’t sit and wait for technology to adapt to your business; you have to adapt to the technology and figure out a way to help your business.

The best way to assess what technology is best for your business is to limit yourself to a few technologies that you have seen work for your industry and give it a chance.

Technology is making a big impact on businesses and the change is happening faster than ever before.

Understand it, embrace it and learn from the best in your industry.

Online personal training course

"I'm ready to become an online personal trainer!"

If you’re ready to take the first step down the road to becoming a professional, respected, and successful online personal trainer, then here is the one action you need to take today to commit to the journey:

Grab your FREE copy of my Online Trainers Success Toolkit. 

(yes, it includes a downloadable PDF version of this article ..)

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably closer to becoming a successful online trainer than you realize.

You have the strengths and aptitudes to help people change.

What you need now is to tap into your true talents and abilities so that you can transform lives as an online trainer.

This free toolkit will show you how to get started, gain momentum and build a profitable online fitness business that makes a difference. You’ll also learn more about the Exceed Masterclass—my online training and mentorship program.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

#1. Why offline personal training is failing you

#2. If online personal training if right for you and your career

#3. The first critical steps to getting started online 

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How to start an online fitness business


  • 1
    Traditional personal training (offline coaching) is a cash for time business model that leads to burn out.
  • 2
    Online personal training is the answer to FINALLY achieving the career in health & fitness that you want.  
  • 3
    Any trainer of coach can now start online personal training.
  • 4
    The trainers who succeed have leveled up from "Fitness Trainer" to "Online Expert"
  • 5
    Building an online fitness business is a process, not a get rich quick scheme.
  • 6
    Online coaching is entering a golden age. People are paying increasingly more to access the help they need.
  • 7
    It does not get any quicker or more affordable to start an online business.
  • 8
    Show people your existing client results and you too can get online clients straight away.
  • 9
    We now live in the digital revolution and it’s time to embrace it or get left behind.
  • 10
    Download the free Online Trainers Success Toolkit and get a roadmap to give you the answers you need to be able to create your online fitness business with a firm foundation: