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Trainerize Review and Pricing

By James Kent

Trainerize is an American remote coaching app used widely by coaches around the world. This service boasts an enormous exercise library, nutritional guidance, and connectivity to all of the popular fitness and food tracking apps.
Check out the rundown below for our quick review, or scroll down for our complete Trainerize review; including features, ease of use, integrations, pricing and client management.

The Rundown





Ease of Use



Client Experience

Client Management


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    Wide range of integrations
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    Coach & client app
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    Includes exercise library


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    Potential app glitches
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    Time required to edit content
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    Steep learning curve 

The Full Review


User profiles - Both the coach and trainer have the opportunity to create a profile in Trainerize.

Coach Profile

As well as the standard 'about me,' qualifications and contact details section, the coach's profile also boasts:
In-app video upload function - As well as the initial intro video for clients, the coach can also create a 'why train with me?' video to attract new clients (although I'm not convinced potential clients would search Trainerize especially as opposed to already being directly invited by a coach).
welcome page in trainerize software for personal trainers
Photo-feed - Cool little function to allow you to showcase some action from training sessions in your profile!
Articles section - “ allows you to gain visibility by blogging to your profile easily. Each article that gets published earns you a month of bonus points to boost your profile ranking. Over time, your articles get found by Google, making it more likely for people to find you on the internet” – excerpt from Trainerize.
Products Section - Create one-time or recurring products (be that nutrition or training related) and sell through Trainerize.
Sales History Section - Here, you can view your complete sales history – useful for both keeping track of Trainerize’s efficacy and of course, your taxes!
Invoices - Past and present invoices sent out by Trainerize for one-off or on-going products (new invoices automatically created at the start of the new billing cycle).
program page on trainerize software
trainerize software payment page
notificastion of payment received in trainerize software
Discount Codes Section - Create discounts to attract new clients and/or benefit existing clients.
Sales Channel - Here you can set up your profile and begin to increase web presence by marketing your services. You can list your products from Trainerize pay and receive payments directly to your profile. There are also instructional videos on how to integrate your current website with Trainerize to take payments through Lastly, you’ll also find a video tutorial on how to integrate your Facebook business page with Trainerize so you can market and sell your products.

Client Profile

Trainer app for mobile Both client and trainer have the option to download the supplementary Trainerize app for their mobile.
example of branded trainerize fitness app
example of branded trainerize app on phone
example od branded trainerize app workout section


  • Massive accountability factor for clients! (I.e., regular ‘kick-up-the-butt’ notifications and automated check-ins!
  • The app is customized and features your branding on loading.
  • Adding to the bespoke element; you can also add a ‘welcome video’ for when clients first join!
  • The coach app provides notifications of all client activities from PB’s to updating progress photos. The coach is also notified when a client is due to finish their current program.
  • The coach can program ‘on-the-go’ using the app via mobile.
  • There is a function similar to Facebook messenger within the app where the client and coach can communicate, share files and most importantly, keep all training/nutrition related correspondence in one place!


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    Occasional crashes have been reported when the app is in use.
Automated client messaging:
client messaging system for trainerize software


  • Clients are prompted to add their initial stats/photos on joining and at the end of each program/training cycle thereafter – this helps provide accountability and consistency
  • Clients (as well as coach) are also reminded when a training phase is coming to an end.


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    Automated check-ins may seem a little incongruous with the trainer’s personality or may not come across as genuine if the client catches on to the ‘automated nature’ of the message. I haven’t had any real problems with this and if anything – aware or not – clients have still found these messages help keep the accountability! Also, it can be fun to make it into a joke, i.e. ‘Did my “secretary” drop you a message?’ or ‘What did you think of my telekinetic messaging skills while I was out having Sunday Lunch?’ 😉
Various programming options:


  • Template for conventional strength training workouts (based around straight sets/supersets).
  • Template for circuit training style workouts.
  • Template for HIIT style workouts (this can also be used to program timed circuits.
  • Build in timer in client app for timed workouts.


  • A customizable template with the ability to provide kcals/macros etc. would have been more beneficial – especially if the data could be adjusted on the fly.
  • The idea of ‘meal plans’ is mostly out-dated and more of a habits based system (possibly automated habit check-ins for clients?) would probably work better.

Note: Clients can connect their Trainerize account to Myfitnesspal though the coach can then see their MFP data through Trainerize.

Client progress section - Trainerize boasts a comprehensive log of client stats including weight, tape measurements, LBM, BF% and individual caliper site measurements (for however many skinfold sites you use). Exercise graphs are also provided for all data – this is invaluable for long-term accuracy and accountability.
client progress section in tranerize software

There is also a ‘Review by Workout’ function so clients can gauge progress in workouts as well as a ‘Review by Month’ function so they can gauge progress in the longer term.

Exercise library:
trainerize exercise library showcased in webpage and phone


  • A HUGE selection of exercises.
  • Features all the popular strength training movements as well as a good selection of the ‘outside the box’ stuff! (e.g. bands, suspension training, dynamic mobility drills, etc).


  • Searches for specific movements often yield results for a bunch of random exercises, so there’s an element of sifting through results and wasting time.
  • Very occasionally you may find the execution of certain movements is questionable in the Trainerize video library – but of course, you have the option to add your videos (if you’re picky like me!) or you can also assign youtube linked videos to programs).

Ease of use

Overall, Trainerize is very intuitive and straightforward to get to grips with. I love the ease with which you can program workouts and add your coaching cues. It’s also straightforward to navigate through client profiles and access their training programs, direct messages, and stats.

The only downside - as mentioned earlier - it can get a little annoying when you have to comb through the exercise section to find a movement when it’s not isolated from a search. Also, again, the REST button could be a little easier to use for such a straightforward function. These issues are small ones though when compared to the many positive attributes of Trainerize.


Note: Once the client has connected any of the above apps, the pertinent information from the apps is then imported to Trainerize – so you can view the data without requiring your account/membership to any of the above!

Note: Payments through Trainerize are transferred to your preferred ‘online bank.’


pricing table for trainerize software for personal trainers

 + additional $7 p/m if you wish to take payments through Trainerize and benefit from their automated reminders to clients (optional).

Note: I’m currently running the Pro 15 account with half of my clients and have seen fantastic value in regards to the time saved from old, painstaking programming approach, i.e. PDF’s with video links and Excel spreadsheets!


Overall, I found Trainerize to be a worthy investment and a massive time-saver regarding programming! My clients have also enjoyed the method of contact through the inbuilt messenger as opposed to text/whatsapp/facebook messenger where important messages can easily get misplaced, and distraction is rife.

I have also found a direct correlation between clients using Trainerize and reaching their body composition results sooner due to the improved accountability factors, i.e. prompt to upload progress photos and stats after each training cycle.

Trainerize adds more value to my clients as well as an extra element of professionalism which instantly set me apart from my peers using more laborious programming methods.

Aside from the few small glitches mentioned, I can’t recommend Trainerize enough as a means to manage online AND face-to-face clients.

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